Bay Tree Game Co Ltd                 Reg Number 12269958

Registered Address: The Lodge, C/O R Edwards Group, London Rd, Stanway, Colchester CO3 0NQ

ABout us

Bay Tree Game is a family run business nestled on the Suffolk/Essex border in the middle of the beautiful East Anglian countryside.

With our signature bay leaf on show, we provide the highest quality, individually packed and oven ready game, all sourced locally from along the River Stour*. We sell to trade via our wholesale operation and individually to the public via farmers markets and home deliveries, and we really do go the extra mile to get your order to you, when you need it.

Our secret is simple – we supply fresh, healthy, quality game. We supply award winning butchers, acclaimed restaurants and can be found at the award winning Suffolk Market Event Farmers Markets in the autumn and winter.

We only sell our Game during its shooting seasons and as such you can be sure it is fresh and in perfect condition whether it is for your own cuisine or for your customer’s bag. What's more we only supply from trusted, ethical shoots that we hand select based on their environmental and conservation work, treatment of the game in its rearing, when in the wild and the treatment of the game after being shot.

Starting as and still incorporating the original name of Long Melford and Lavenham Game Meats, the business has continually grown and expanded, from small routes tucked between those two iconic villages, we now serve East Anglia and London.

*except for Grouse.


Fri 18th Oct 2019 - We are delighted to announce that we will once again be at Sudbury Farm Market this season, Situated in the prominent St Peters Church at the top of Market Hill, this monthly meeting is held on the last Friday, meaning our first market their this year will be on Friday 25th October. We look forward to seeing old customers and new next week!

Tues 15th Oct 2019 - As the leaves on the trees turn quickly this time of year, so the Pheasants start to plump up nicely and we have a full stock of game birds ready for your plates.

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 - The Pheasant season started yesterday (1st Oct) meaning that all delicious healthy game meats are now in season. In our opinion Pheasants are normally best from November onwards, leaving partridge, pigeon mallard and grouse to continue to fill menu’s and dinner plates during October. If, however you have the need for some early Pheasants, please do contact us.

We will be present at Lavenham Farm Market with a fully stocked stall on Sunday 27th, followed by Bury St Edmunds Farm Market on Sunday 10th. The dates have been updated on the farm market page.

We look forward to seeing and serving you soon.

Thurs 8th Aug 2019 - Just 4 days and counting until the Glorious 12th (August) and that means the start of another Game season.

We have been busy with Rabbits and Pigeons during the spring and summer but things really start to ramp up from Monday onwards.

Remember we only sell fresh and from trusted shoots and estates that we know personally. Our years of experience and knowledge in this field are the assurance scheme for the game we provide. Considering we supply award winning butchers, award winning restaurants and have been an ever present stall member of award winning farmers markets, we think our system works and we pride ourselves on the quality of game we sell.

Thurs 23rd May 2019 - Absolutely delighted to announce that Suffolk Market Events, the farmers markets that we have attended since Justine Paul re-ignited them over a decade ago, have won the Clarissa Dickson Wright award from the Countryside Alliance. Rumours are the fresh, seasonal game in the autumn and winter helped..(!). Congratulations to Justine, Angie and the team for such a wonderful achievement and we are honoured to be a regular stall holder at these markets.

We also say a huge well done to Lynn and Steve fellow stall holders at the Suffolk Market Events, with their company Truly Traceable winning the Game Champion award from the Countryside Alliance. Steve shoots the deer, Lynn cooks the pies and together their field to fork mentality on all things Venison is everything that is right with Game meat and the essence of it’s use and enjoyment. Well done to the both of you and we look forward to selling you some more Mallard this year! (Steve is a fan of our wild ducks!)

Mon 28th Jan 2019 - How quick time is flying - just as quick as a January pheasant in the howling wind! We have now had our last Lavenham Farm Market of the season - thank you to everyone who visited us this year at this award winning market. We now have just ONE market left - Sunday 10th Feb at Bury St Edmunds - your last chance to stock up on delicious, fresh, healthy game meat as we won't be selling fresh at the market again until October - so make sure you come visit the stall and put plenty in store!.

Wed 3rd Jan 2019 - Happy New Year to all our customers. As a quick reminder we will be at Lavenham Farm Mkt on Sunday 27th Jan 2019 and then Bury St Edmunds Farm Mkt on Sunday 10th Feb 2019 which will be our last market of the season - time to stock up the freezer!

Mon 10th Dec 2018 - The final market in Bury St Edmunds of 2018 was well attended with many valued customers making the trip to the town ”just for the game meat stall [i.e. just to see us]…” accolade indeed and really good to hear. Our last farm market of 2018 will be this Sunday (16th Dec) at Lavenham village hall from 10am-1.30pm - don't forgot to stock up those stockings.

Cured Pigeon.jpg

Our fantastic new customer ‘The Mobile Lunch Company’ sent us this picture of cured pigeon breast on radiccio with home pickled pears. Its looks pretty yummy and the guns on the shoot left nothing on the plate!

The Mobile Lunch Company provide on site catering for shoot days (or other events) to take the hassle away from the host, Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner they turn up, cook, serve and clear up so you don't have to. For more information visit them on facebook or contact david@themobilelunchcompany.co.uk 

Partridges are now in stock. Beautifully tender and fresh early season partridges from the Brook Hall estate are ready for your table. All you need to do is cook. Please contact us for your partridge, rabbit, hare and pigeon orders.

We are pleased to announce that a new farm shoot, taken back in hand after the end of a larger commercial activity will be supplying us. From the north side of the river Stour, overlooking the valley, Little Greys Hall will be showing high quality and high flying game, before sending to us in great condition for the table. Another local shoot we are happy to have on our list.

People often ask what is the most popular game bird, or most popular pack. We always assumed Pheasants and Partirdge were as during the season it seems a constant roll of Pheasants and Partridge outweighing everything else, but some analysis shows it not quite so clear cut. With a bit of spare time we looked at the figures for 2017/18 season and can confirm as follows:

Sale of Whole birds/furs:

Pheasants - 37%, Partridge 27%, Pigeon 25% Rabbits and Mallard 5%, Hares 1%

Sales of Packs:

Game Pie Mix (1/2kg) 49%, Pigeon Breasts (10 in pack) 35%,  Pheasant breasts (6 in a pack) - 14%, Partridge Breasts (10 in a pack) and Mallard (6 in a pack) 1%.

So there you have it. Pigeon breasts are by far the most popular breast meat, but the mixed game packs still rule the roost overall. Pheasants are the most popular whole bird, but Partridge and Pigeon are not far behind. Mallard and rabbits would upset the stats if only we could source enough supply for them.

Our friends at  www.geeand.co  might make fabulous wreaths but they are also a dab hand at cooking - just look at this wonderful Teal bruschetta they made with our game. Looks delicious......

Our friends at www.geeand.co might make fabulous wreaths but they are also a dab hand at cooking - just look at this wonderful Teal bruschetta they made with our game. Looks delicious......

We will always have Pheasants, Partridges, Ducks, Pigeons and usually Rabbits at all of the markets we attend. If you know there is something else in particular you would like, such as Hares, Teal, Grouse or specific breast packs then please contact us in advance of the market and we will make sure we have it ready for you on the day.

But, how will you cook yours?




We don't just sell the birds, sometimes we get to shoot them as well and we were lucky enough to give Grouse a go in Cumbria - the first time out on the Moor and what a splendid day it was too!

We don't just sell the birds, sometimes we get to shoot them as well and we were lucky enough to give Grouse a go in Cumbria - the first time out on the Moor and what a splendid day it was too!




When we started over a decade ago, Justine Paul was just beginning to add a new spark to Lavenham Farm market. Her company, Suffolk Market events was tasked with improving the footfall and quality of the market. Seven years later this multi award winning farm market continues to thrive, and with it,  new siblings - the Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury Farm Markets, The Hadleigh market, the Clare craft market, Christmas fairs, Summer showpieces and fantastic Foraging events .

The Bay Tree philosophy of local produce for local people mirror’s Justine’s and the two have come to be a trusted partnership. Justine uses the front of the markets to highlight seasonal produce, so you can be sure to see us as soon as you walk through the doors in the autumn or winter. In return we have been part of the stall holder set that has helped Justine win award after award. The public keep coming back and the events thrive.

The Suffolk market event ethos of Good honest food, where the producers man the stalls themselves and provide clarity and guidance to the customers is a true highlight of the vibrant markets they organise.

We only sell fresh game in the regular season, so our attendance is limited to autumn and winter only. If you wish to buy produce outside of these dates please contact us for direct sales.

For information on the Suffolk Market Events please see the web site:




Friday 25th October 2019

Sudbury Farm Market


Sunday October 27th 2019

Lavenham Farm Market

10am - 1.30pm


Sunday November 10th 2019

Bury St Edmunds Farm Market

10am - 3.00pm


Sunday November 24th 2019

Lavenham Farm Market

10am - 1.30pm

Friday 29th November 2019

Sudbury Farm Market

9.30am - 2.00pm

Sunday December 8th 2019

Bury St Edmunds Farm Market

10am - 1.30pm


Friday 19th December

Sudbury Farm Market

9.30am - 2.00pm

Sunday December 22nd 2019

Lavenham Fam Market

10am - 1.30pm

Sunday January 26th 2020

Lavenham Farm Market

10am - 1.30pm

Sunday February  8th 2019

Bury St Edmunds Farm Market

10am - 1.30pm